Wireless Spotlight Cams with Solar Panel in Colder Climates

Does anybody living in northern United States (Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Etc.) have wireless spotlight cameras with and without solar panel? Are they working for you? Or is it a big no-no considering the cold temperatures we get here? I’m in Southeast Michigan. I cannot get wired ones at this time. I cannot invest in extensive electric wiring and I’m kind of in a bit of a situation right now. Therefore, I’m considering the wireless spotlight camera with solar panel until I can move to an electrical installation. But they are not necessarily inexpensive. So if they are not going to work in our current weather conditions, I don’t want to spend the money. Thanks!

I live in Wisconsin and have two battery Spotlight Cams without solar panels. I run two batteries in each camera, and I had no major issues aside from the abnormally cold spell we had a few weeks ago where we had low temps of -15F to -25F and highs only in the single digits. During that period the cameras would go offline overnight (the lithium ion batteries cease operating once the temperature is much below -5F) but would come back online once the sun came up. Prior to that cold spell, I just had to charge the batteries a bit more frequently (I usually have to recharge each pack every four weeks or so, but during the winter temps I had to recharge about every three weeks or maybe a bit less) but there were no other issues with camera operation.

Also be aware that the battery packs will not charge when the temperature is below freezing, so a solar panel may not help out much during the winter. I don’t have an issue recharging a battery about once a month, so I haven’t added solar panels yet.

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