Wireless camera gives bad password warning

I have a wireless ring spotlight camera that dropped off my wireness network when the batteries ran down. After charging and reinstalling I went to reconnect the camera, and I got a flashing red light on the bottom indicating I entered a wrong password to my 2.4ghz network (5 bar signal). After trying a couple of times, I reset the camera (holding down the top button for 30 seconds) and tried again. No luck. Everything goes well until I get to the network password and it fails. I even went into my router settings and confirmed the PW.

Any suggestions on next steps?

Well, after 20 minutes with online chat running through various fix attempts, they’re sending me a new unit. Never could get it to connect to my wife due to bad password that was actually the right password. To be honest, I’m getting a bit tired of Ring devices. I’ve also had to replace my doorbell because it kept giving false triggers…to the point it would motion trigger sitting in my desk drawer. Thinking of trying something else