Wired stick up camera getting critical low battery level and wont live view...it's wired!

I have 5 wired stick up cameras inside the house. None have a battery. I am getting a critically low battery level alert on just one of them and it wont let me live view but the stupid thing records motion and gives motion alerts. Called Ring customer service and she troubleshooted it, basically had me remove the device which I had already tried before calling them and add it back in and then when that didn’t work she had me delete the Ring app and reinstall it. Neither of those fixes worked. Then she tells me, she is very sorry that is the only troubleshooting methods she has available to her and she has written up a ticket and has sent it on to the Ring Team. I thought that was who I was talking to when I called tech support!!! So it appears that Ring has sourced out their trouble calls to a 3rd party company hired to troubleshoot for the customers and if they cant rectify the issue, your SOL until an actual ring technician can troubleshoot it and get back to you. If I had only known that when I was buying all the Ring equipment and paid for the annual annual monitoring service that their customer service is this archaic, I would have went with another security company that you can reach an actual tech that works for the company you are calling and knows what they are doing not just someone that isnt even a tech and is just reading from a list of troubleshooting technics provided by the company. She tells me it could be up to 3 days before I hear from someone from the Ring Support Team and she hates to leave me without my security camera but to just keep watching for an email. Seriously Ring!!! Not good customer service so far, not impressive!

I had the same experience. Will never buy another ring product.

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! As long as the battery is fully charged, and you’ve checked your wifi coverage, this should work as intended. Here are some quick tips for optimizing your RSSI, or wifi signal strength.

If you’ve already checked battery percentage and wifi connection, please download the Rapid Ring app and try live view from there. Please let us know if this works for you. :slight_smile: