Wired spotlights light schedule

I do not understand why a wired spotlight does not have the same Software as the wired floodlight (WIRED, I understand for battery/solar) this is a big issue for me and my neighbor! The houses are close I have a one car driveway I can only install a spotlight due to the floodlights light is too wide. The light coming on and off all night long is bothering my neighbor which I completely understand. I should be able to put it on the same schedule as the wired floodlight that runs in my backyard… He asked if I could just turn it on and leave it on at dark but your software will not allow it. This flash of light makes his dog bark so you can see what a issue this is. Please updated for the wired spotlight with the floodlight software you have, it should be an easy push, this is a must for me or I need to pull the spotlight down!

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