Wired Spot and wired Flood

Ring, you have problem, a major oversight in your software/hardware.

Ring Spot and Flood cameras/motion sensors are defective.

There is no way to disable the lights coming on when motion is sensed.

We like our evenings and nights outside on our porches. Every time we want to walk to the garage or to the other side of the house, BAM! Blinded by the lights.

There needs to be a option when the system is in the disabled mode you can disable the motion triggering of the spot or flood light.

Secondly, when I finally got through to someone, she, with an accent, told me I needed to “…exchange my Flood for a Spot because you can do that with the Spot.”

It is not the only ring device I have in my house. But my wife wanted me to send back the camera and spot and flood. We were mislead.

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We need the ability to disable the lights and or disable the camera when we want.

I had the same issue. I wanted to disable the spotlight or flood light when motion was detected so we can relax in the darkness of the evening.

I initially purchased the floodlight and was told I needed to purchase a spotlight for that function. I returned the flood light and purchased and installed the spotlight. Same thing, you can’t disable the light at night when motion is detected. And major snafu for Ring I think.