Wired Ring pro doorbell not detecting motion

I have alerts enabled, sensitivity is highest, zone is maximized but it never detects motion. My last alert was a month ago. Camera works fine in line view. But no motion detected even if I’m standing right in front of it.

any solution here? I just installed a doorbell 2 and have not had motion detection work since install. I have done all of the app/system settings and a hard reset with tech support… still nothing.

Hi there, neighbors! The best first step is to check your Video Doorbell motion settings in the Ring app. Motion zones, sensitivity, and even scheduling are worth exploring to ensure for an optimal motion experience. Next, please check your event history to confirm if there are motion events being recorded.

Some other features worth checking are Camera Modes or Geofence, to ensure they are not preventing alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: