Wired Ring 2 does not trickle charge

Hi. My son and I both have Ring 2 doorbells hardwired. His is about 6 months older than mine and the trickle charge keeps the battery at 100%. Around the beginning of this year, mine no longer stays charged. Thinking it was the battery, I installed the spare battery that my son had purchased but never used. It immediately started losing charge on a daily basis. It lasted about a month and then I put my original battery back in and it lasted about a month.
My original doorbell uses a mechanical hammer and bell so I do not need the diode.
Our doorbell settings are the same and have minimal notifications.
Why does my battery not stay charged?

Hi @Joe50. If your Doorbell is detecting a large number of motions or has a lot of dings or Live Views, this can impact the battery percentage even when the Doorbell is hardwired. One thing you can do is to try adjusting the settings on your Doorbell to reduce the number of events your Doorbell is recording. You can also join the conversation in a similar thread about this topic here, where you may find other solutions. :slight_smile:

If your hardwired Ring Doorbell still isn’t charging, make sure that it is receiving enough voltage . Hardwired Ring Doorbells need 8-24 volts of AC power to operate. To check the voltage that your hardwired Ring Doorbell is receiving, use a voltage reader.