Wired Pathlights

We are looking for pathlights to light our driveway entrance. I am finding the website confusing to understand what is available/required. In particular we would like to know the following:
Do the pathlights come in a wired version?
Do we need a transformer as well as a bridge for wired?
How bright are wired pathlights? The same as the solar version or brighter?
Ideally we would like the lights to trigger on when a car approaches. Will the motion sensors handle this or would we set to on from dusk to dawn?
Many thanks in advance for any insights you can give us.

Hi @Sharon.b. Hopefully I can clear up some information for you.

At this time, all of our Pathlights are wireless.

A Ring Bridge is needed to use any of our Ring Smart Lights. The Transformer is only used if you have a existing wired landscaping lights. It essentially turns your landscape lights into “smart lights”.

Our Pathlights are 80 lumens. We have a Battery and Solar version, both are the same brightness.

Either one of these options is possible.

I hope this answers your questions. :slightly_smiling_face: