Wired indoor stick up cam not showing automatically on Echo show

My wired indoor cam I just purchased will notify my Eco Show when there is motion, but it will not automatically show video. I can ask it to after it notifies me. It’s a bit late by that point though.

In the settings it says it should automatically do this, but it doesn’t. My Ring doorbell does this properly. Anyone had success with this or know what I can do?

Hey @Wraith4given. Happy to clear this up! Amazon Alexa recently added a feature back in March that allows Doorbells to have the Live View automatically pulled up when there is a ding at your Doorbell. Although, this automatic Live View feature is not applicable to motion events, so whenever there is motion at the Doorbell (no button pressed), or motion at your other devices, you will need to continue to ask Alexa to pull up the Live View. We are hoping Amazon Alexa brings this feature to the motion events in the near future, as I’ve seen this request and want from many of our neighbors, and we have passed on this feedback to the team. Nevertheless, I will pass on this feedback from your point of view as well, and appreciate you coming to the Community with this. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the quick reply. I look forward to this becoming an option.

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Thank you … I was seeking an answer to this question also …

It was not clear to me if this is a Ring feature request, an Amazon Echo feature request, an Alexa App feature request or an Alexa [Ring] Skill feature … I now understand it is not a change that can be implemented on the Ring side - but is it the Alexa App or the Ring Skill that would need to be updated ?

Is this still the case or has it been updated now? The echo show is going back to Amazon if this hasn’t been solved.