Wired Floodlight hasn't been recording events for a few days

I have a hard wired floodlight cam that all of a sudden in the past few days that won’t record motion events or notify of motion events and the light will come on and stay on all night. I have to turn it off from the app. It has been recording snapshots and my Wi-Fi connection is green, so I know it’s able to record.

I’m curios if there was some sort of update that happened and now my camera isn’t working as it’s supposed to. Or if there is something I need to do to fix this issue.

It has been working just fine up until a few days ago and I haven’t changed any settings…

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Hi @Kare423. There are a few things you can try here. First, try rebooting your internet router by unplugging it for a few minutes, then plugging it back in. Next, try to power cycle your Floodlight Cam by disconnecting it from power for 5 minutes, then restoring power. This should cause your Floodlight Cam to record as expected!

My flood light stopped recording events when we added a front door ring. It’s been a piece of crap since. I’ve called and gone through all the levels at rung. It works for 15 minutes and quits. Over and over again -30 minutes or more. I give up boys total crap.