Wired connection not charging battery

I’ve had a ring 2 for a couple of years and all has been fine with it working just off the battery. Recently the battery has been draining quicker than usual, going from 100% to dead within a week and so I have connected it to the door bell power. Even with the Ring getting 28v the battery is still draining, albeit slower than before. I then thought maybe the battery needs replacing but in installing it today the power is still decreasing. We have a private drive with little or no traffic so excessive notifications isn’t an issue.
I’ve heard rumours of a recent firmware update causing battery issues with the Ring 2. Has anyone had similar issues and resolved them?

Hi @Matt4410! You’ve certainly covered all the right steps for this to work, and a new battery should certainly perform optimally. With excessive motion events being ruled out as a factor, please also consider things like cold temperatures, poor wifi signal strength (RSSI), or lengthy live views, which can also cause battery to drain. Check out our Community post about battery draining for more tips and tricks. :slight_smile:

I was still experiencing issues, no external factors should have been influencing the battery life. A call to customer service remotely diagnosed an issue with the device itself and new device is on its way, free of charge despite being out of warranty.
Thank you

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