Windows 10 app: no sound in live view

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I have a Video Doorbell Pro. If I switch to “live view” in the Windows 10 app, I’m not able to hear sound from the doorbell. (Yes, I clicked the speaker icon.) Same thing in “intercom” mode. I can see the live video feed.

If I play back the recording of the live view through the Win10 app I do hear sound, and “live view” works correctly on my Android phone. So the doorbell is fine, my PC speakers and volume level are fine, and the Win10 app is able to make noise. It appears that “live view” audio is broken in the Win10 app.

Anyone else seeing not hearing this?

I have exactly the same problem with my Ring Doorbell 2. It was working fine for months, then stopped a few days ago. Maybe a Windows update changed something? I checked everything I could think of. I even reset the app, but nothing worked.

It would be amazing if Ring would help troubleshoot this! After all, we PAID THEM MONEY FOR IT! (just sayin)

Yep - Windows 1909 update KILLED sound. Sound *IS* recorded properly and works FINE on IOS devices - but since, the update the Ring App on Windows gets no sound. NOTHING WRONG with the doorbell. RING PLEASE FIX THIS APP ASAP.

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Agreed!! This is very frustrating considering I just bought 3 floodlights and a Pro Doorbell.

Ring - where are you? This isn’t just a probem for me. So, what gives? Are you looking in to this problem or not? It’s super annoying that a brand new (1 month old) piece of hardware doesn’t work with the #1 Operating System in the world. C’mon and get with the program and fix the sound problem. It’s super annoying not to head anything but buzzing on Windows. And it works fine on my iPhone, iPad and Echo Dot.

Hey neighbors! If you are still experiencing this concern, could you please try the following:

  • Remove the Ring app from your PC
  • Restart your PC
  • Reinstall the Ring app and attempt to load Live View, from there, see if you can hear the audio. Ensure that you “accept” the call to hear the audio by pressing the green phone icon. Please also check to see if you can hear any audio back in the recording after the fact.
  • Ensure you can hear audio from other sources such as videos on Youtube, etc.
  • Capture a screen recording (if possible). When passing on this feedback to the appropriate teams to be investigated, this kind of evidence is very important.

For anything that is still persisting, please attach a screen recording of the no audio, but audio from another source (video in event history preferred, if not audio from Youtube or another video). This will show that it’s specific to the Live View where there is no audio coming from the app. Additionally, let me know what Ring app version you have, and what version of Windows OS you have.

Tried uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling. No change: live view has no sound, but I can hear it when playing the recording in the Windows app (played it straight out of History after waiting a minute for the server to catch up). I did click the green “accept” button and toggled the speaker mute button a couple of times. I don’t have a microphone installed on my PC, so the microphone mute button just pops up an error. (You may want to try it on a PC without a microphone to make sure you guys didn’t get your muting wires crossed.)

I’m running Win10 Pro with latest updates.

Thank you for getting back to me and letting me know of this @fadden! After going over this with my team that looks into these concerns, they let me know of an important part of how the Windows 10 OS works with the Ring app. The Windows 10 Ring app uses your default communications device for audio. While every computer will have different audio devices, you will want to choose whatever one is the “default audio device” to also be the default communication device as well.

Video recordings use the default audio device, which is why you can hear the videos when you play them back without having to adjust any settings. Live View uses the default communications device, which sometimes isn’t set to whatever you have currently hooked up.

For example, Windows treats our Live View like a Skype call, so you will just have to play around with what the default communications device is on your PC, or make your default communications device the same as your default audio device. You can do this from the control panel on your PC to adjust the audio and communications device. I’ve attached a picture of what this looks like for reference. :slight_smile:


This was it. I set my speakers as the default communications output device and I can hear the live view again.



I have had this same issue for the past few weeks from what I recall. It worked perfectly fine for before that.

I have an external soundcard/amp powering my speakers that is set to my default audio device. I then have a web cam as my default recording/mic device. I can only hear recorded videos, not live audio or two way chat audio. The person on the other end can still hear me… but I cannot hear anything live (this is both when I toggled the little speaker and or choose two-way conversation with the green phone)

I unistalled the app, reboot the computer, and then reinstalled the app - did not fix it. I then changed my default recording device from my web cam to my soundcard (which has a mic on it) as it is the same device I have as my default speakers - did not fix it.

It would be very nice to have an audio setting in the app to be able to choose the audio & recording device within the app. I am not having any luck with fixing this when changing my default devices in windows. Please look further into this RING. If I have misunderstood your pervious answer to change my default recording device to the same as my default audio device - please clarify. This app was a big reason I choose RING over NEST, so I am sad this issues has arrised. Thank you.

Thanks for the solution. I decided to post here instead of starting another thread.

Sound with Live View works when I plug in headphones directly to the audio jack but, in my case at least, I only get a buzzing clicking sound when I use a USB wireless headset. The headset I use is the Logitech G533. It’s already set to my default communication device since I use it for online voice commuication semi-regularly. Is there any other step for I would have to do to be able to hear sound while using Live View?

Hi thank you for this reply. I have the same issue. No sound in live mode on Windows 10. I went into my settings and set the App output to Speakers (Realtek…). This is where the sound from my computer comes into my Bose speaker for my computer. There is no default option at the top. Can anyone tell me why the sound still is not working? Thank you.

Same problem here, sound don’t work. I reinstalled app but no luck.

I have just one device and it’s alerady deafult.

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Thanks to all who posted about this, especially for the accepted solution(s). Since folks were still posting long after that solution was posted, I thought I would try to add an explanation, what worked for me. Like so many others I could not get sound out or mic in to work using the ring app on my Windows 10 laptop.

Those default windows settings can be tricky - it seems that every app accesses communications services differently. Even ring works differently for live view than it does, for example, when you play various choices for notification sounds in the app. For sound output on the PC I had three output choices and my laptop speakers and the output jack worked fine for things like media player, zoom, youtube, etc, - even in the ring app it worked for playing sample notification sounds - but not for ring live view. So, in control panel I changed the “default communications device” to the speakers/jack and still no help. For grins. I rebooted and then sound worked - ie with those new settings and after reboot!! Now I had sound sourced at my ring pro doorbell and coming through clearly on my PC laptop speakers and the aux jack, while in Live View in the ring app on windows 10.

Then I found that the laptop’s mic was not transmitting the other direction while in live view on the ring app on windows 10 - even though the mic worked fine for zoom. For grins I also tested the mic with the included windows 10 audio sound recorder and it did not work either. For some reason I had TWO mic choices in control panel, so I changed to the other one and disabled the one that was formerly active. At that time I also set the sensitivity to maximum (somewhere in that area, under properties or settings of the mic of choice in control panel). Windows sound recorder started working! But mic in ring app did not work yet, and finally I exited the app and restarted the ring app and now EVERYTHING works. Well, I still need to re-test zoom and some other functions. It’s possible I never had to reboot for the sound output, I may have only needed to exit the ring app and restart it. Hope this helps someone.


I’ve just discovered that if I have my speakers set to Quadraphonic in Windows 10 Sound Manager, the Ring audio out through my speakers does not work. When I put it stereo, the audio does work. I went back and forth several times to confirm this. I assume when in Quadraphonic, the Ring output audio is routed to an unused jack. However the Ring History audio does work when in Quadraphonic.

The Default PC Speaker device needs to be set as the Default Communications Device (per this thread).

Also when exiting the Live View Window, use the Red "telephone hang-up button at the lower left rather than the “x” in the upper right corner. When I use the “x”, I cannot reconnect for several minutes. But when I use the Red button, I can reconnect immediately.

Three lessons that took months to learn.

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This problem still persists, and no amount of uninstalling/reinstalling/restarting is helping.

I just bought 3 more cameras to use to monitor my kids while they are in their virtual classrooms; and to be able to “talk to them” while I’m in my office and doing my own teaching. (I’m a teacher, and have to do my own Zoom sessions with other students the whole day).

This is REALLY frustrating.

It’s the primary reason that I bought the additional cameras.

Thanks for this, I tried everything but then your comment on quadrophonic as my setup is 5.1 changed to Stereo and low and behold worked !! Shocker that the app cannot be modified to select the output / work with a 5.1 or quad setup like I think most probably have now its not the 80’s…

Thanks again for posting.

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You figured it out. They need to fix this! It was the 5.1 sound. As soon as I set to stereo it start to work. Uninstalling app till fixed.

The silly Windows 10 app isn’t recognizing our headsets as default… Please fix this… all other devices disabled and all I hear is a buzzing sound when live…

I’ve uninstalled, restarted and re-installed and it still isn’t working. Like others have seen, Ring is not compatable with the latest MS update. I can hear ALL my other audio except when I go to LIVE VIEW in Ring app on my PC. Makes the talk feature un useable. It used to work fine before MS update. Sound is fine on iOS.

Hi all,
If you are having issues with no audio through the Windows 10 Ring App this could help you!

Make sure that the Ring windows 10 App is running in the background.
First right click on the speak icon on your task menu (Near the clock) and select Troubleshoot Sound.

Then select your Default device (In our case it was Realtek Speakers) from the list.
Then run the troubleshooter.
And that’s it That fixed our issue!

I hope that this has helped at least some of you as this has been something that i have been meaning to look at for a while.

P.s. Forgot to say that when the ring win 10 app was open we also had the bottom left white speaker on (without the cross showing) and the sound went from distortion back to as it should be.