Windows 10 App Live View with only static for sound

I have a new laptop running Windows 10 home with lastest updates. I use this laptop frequently to live view Ring security cameras and Ring doorbell. Live view across the board works as normal on all cameras but the sound with live view only with all cameras comes in as a static sound sometimes sounds like sputtering noise. Playback from Ring camera history sound is normal on all cameras. Speakers work normally with all other applications.

I have used device manager to insure that all drivers are up to date. I have tried numerous speaker settings also. My other 2 older windows 10 laptops are producing normal sound.

Any ideas to fix this ouldbe appreciated.

Hey @FlaVictory. Have you attempted to remove the app from your computer, reboot your device, and then reinstall the app? Let me know if this helps improve the experience and I will pass on the feedback to the appropriate team in the meanwhile!

Hello Chelsea, I am not sure which of the sound apps to remove and reinstall. Nvidia, Realltek or THX spatial sound. Does Windows automatically save the removed and reinstall? I have tried numerous settings within these apps with disabling each at a time then testing. I understand some of these pc things but my knowledge is limited.

Thank youfor the reply.