Windows 10 App error code is 0x80131500

3 months, no fixes, not working. I am paying for a warranty and service contract for cameras and an alarm system. I have tried the proposed fixes, but as stated here repeatedly, they do not work. Multiple computers fail to connect. Using a tiny android screen is NOT an acceptable alternative.

I bought the system for several features and now they’re gone; No support for Google Home, no support for windows 10, but you want to sneak your sidewalk and other spyware in… shame.

Please restore the features we all want and were deciding factors in purchasing this system or expect we will leave and support other brands that do.

I’m tired of sitting on hold waiting to speak to a tech who really doesn’t intend to fix my problem but instead will try and discourage me by having me run through useless and time consuming procedures that are not expected to resolve the problem. Get your act together RING.