WIndows 10 App ERROR 403

Reinstalled my windows, and installed the ring app again on my desktop from microsoft store. And now when I try to log in I get “server returned error 403” I’m not sure why this is happening. I disabled my firewall, changed dns servers, even tried to use a vpn. It just won’t connect. Anyone have any ideas. Chat support literally told me that it doesn’t work in windows, even though it always did until i reinstalled the operating system. I mean its still listed in the Microsoft store why wouldn’t it work? I think something else is going on and I can’t figure it out.

Hi there, @bettyflyboop! This concern looks similar to this thread by Community neighbors. We usually recommend disabling the vpn, but it sounds like you’ve already tried this. Some neighbors have reported success with double checking their login authentication method. Check out our help center article about keeping your account secure. Feel free to also browse through the thread linked above, to see what other solutions neighbors there may have mentioned. :slight_smile: