Window Sensors on all windows/doors or a few cameras

Ok, neighbor wants me to setup a Ring Security System in their home (yes I have a Ring System).

She thinks in addition to the Ring doorbell, she wants a “sensor” on all windows/doors!!

Me … I feel like just put a “few” cameras, well placed inside the home and be done with it!!

Your opinion PLEASE.

Hey @willee51. In my personal experience, I have the Ring Alarm Home Security System and a couple cameras. I have the security system because I wanted a Contact Sensor on every door and window to be professionally monitored. I have the Doorbell that looks out front, as well as Stick Up Cam indoors and an Indoor Cam. These are for pet monitoring, and in the event of a break in, I have video recordings as well. I wanted the security system to have the professional monitoring, which you cannot get with just cameras. I would recommend asking your neighbor if they want to be professionally monitored or know when each door and windows is being opened. If they care about that, get the security system and whatever amount of cameras they want looking in each place. If they don’t care for monitoring in that degree, a couple cameras looking in important areas should do it! :slight_smile: