Window contact sensor riser (spacer) availability

Anyone know when the contact sensor risers will be available in Europe? I’m getting repeated false alarms as both my entry/exit doors have non-aligned sensors. I could cobble something together from a block of wood, but I’d prefer a neater solution.

Incidentally, the official Ring customer service chat representative “Mohamed S.” is really something to behold. He absolutely insisted that the reason that the risers were available in the US but not in Europe was because they operate on different frequencies. When I pointed out that it was just a piece of plastic, he answered with “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”. What a tool!

Hi @Nerdy_Norm. Apologies for any miscommunication received from support, but we do not have any information to share on a release date for any additional Ring Alarm accessories or components in Europe. You can always keep an eye on for any new product or accessory releases. :slight_smile: