Win 10 app empty

I have a wired ring doorbell.
App works fully on iOS phone, works on webpage but can’t see a liveview and it suggests using the Win 10 app.

I downloaded this, logged on but it’s essentially blank, the only thing that shows up in it is under devices it shows the chime.
On the web app under authorised client apps I can see it and authorised, I’ve tried removing this and then re adding, no difference.

Hi @calzor_suzay. I’ve answered a similar question regarding the Doorbell Wired not appearing in the Ring Windows App in this thread here. Check out the marked solution for more information on this. :slight_smile:

So the app on Windows 10 is dead, the website doesn’t show live view or the snapshot captures from what I can see. As a consumer we’re being forced to use the app on the phone?