Will Peephole cam still ring the chime without internet?

I have a peephole cam and a chime. Both are already on my Wifi on LAN.

At night, my modem will auto turns off leaving the Wifi (Google wifi) still on.

Can the peephole cam still ring the chime if there is no internet but local lan on Wifi still turns on?

Hey @deschong. Pardon if I’m a bit unfamiliar with the LAN connection, but when your modem auto turns off at night, the wifi is still on and connected to your devices, correct? It sounds like you may need to connect the Peephole Cam and the Chime to the Google Wifi is this is the only wifi that is staying on, but as long as you see both devices as online in the Ring app during night time when this is happening, then you should continue to still get sounds from the Chime from Peephole Cam activity. If you see the devices are falling offline at night, then you will need to ensure you’re able to keep that connection going at night without it auto turning off. Hope this helps clear this up for you! :slight_smile:

Hi, so my modem or ONT supply internet connectivity to Google Wifi.

At night, I scheduled my ONT to turn off leaving Google Wifi still on. This means there are no internet connectivity but LAN is still on.

Doorbell and Chime both connect to Google Wifi SSID but at night, there won’t be internet connectivity.

In this case, does the Chime still rings when someone presses the doorbell? Even if the Internet is not available leaving only LAN.

@deschong Happy to step in for Chelsea here. We appreciate that additional clarification on the internet setup you have going on. To clarify, the Chime and the Peephole Cam do need to have a stable internet connection in order to function and notify you of activity at your door. Without an internet connection, they will not ring as expected as they will be offline. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: