Will my Stick up cam battery 3rd gen have problems after dropping from my hands?

Hi, today i was putting my stick up cam on a shelf to watch my bedroom, but i accidentally dropped it out of my hands, no problems now, but will there be future problems?

No one can give you an answer as there’s no way of predicting the future.

Wow…no one can give AX12 an answer…there is no way of predicting the future? I am sure AX12 is analyzing this.

Where’s your helpful answer? I’m sure we’ll all analyze it.

Same place yours is.

Hi @AX12. I’m glad to hear your Stick Up Cam appears undamaged and is working fine after the accidental drop. I wouldn’t worry unless you notice any physical damage or performance concerns with your device, and our support team can assist with those concerns should they come up. :slight_smile: