WiFi stopped working - 2nd gen doorbell

My doorbell was working at 7.30 this morning and all of a sudden stopped connecting to the internet. I removed the unit to fully charge (even tho it was no where near flat) I have gone to reconnect the doorbell however it is telling me my password is incorrect for the WiFi and cannot connect. Now I’m definitely putting the right password in and connecting to the correct network but it still won’t work. Any ideas?

Hi @HiThere112. When going through the process of reconnecting to WiFi, you should be prompted to join your network. When this happens, try entering your information in manually instead of selecting a previously known network. If you are still having trouble, you can perform a reset on the Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. Once that is complete, attempt to reconnect again. Let me know if this helps.

Video stop work on door

Hi @user10570. Try creating a new post describing the issue you are having, the device in question, and the steps you’ve tried to fix it.