Wifi not connecting again

My wireless battery Security Camera, not connecting wifi recently, which was working fine for the last 2 years. I tried recharging the battery. And Press the top button, but no light flash and not connecting to wifi. I tried to restart the WIFI router also. Removed the battery and tried again also. No use. When I press the top button, the light is not flashing. Please let me know how to debug and fix the same.

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Hi @AT77. Have you tried to fully reset the Camera yet? You’ve done a few of the basic troubleshooting steps that I’d have recommended, but a full reset is also a good step to try. You can reset your Camera by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. Once the reset is done, try walking through the setup process again to see if you can get it connected.

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No luck. The reset also not working. after press & hold for 20 sec no change.

It is not powering up. Called the call center also. No luck. out of warranty and they can’t do anything. So I need to buy a new one to fix the problem. So the life of the Ring camera is only 2 - 3 yrs ?