WiFi Connection Issues when Reconnecting

Hey team,

I’ve been having issues where whenever my WiFi disconnects, reconnecting the Ring devices is an extreme pain. When the WiFi goes out and comes back, the devices need to be re-setup. In this case, I will connect to the Chime Pro device, and the Chime Pro device will acknowledge the Ring device is found and connected. However, in the app, I get an error that the device itself could not connect, leaving me off WiFi.

I’m also finding that whenever I have to do this, I have to unscrew the doorbell to push the orange button, which is beyond inconvenient. Is there a workaround here?


Try connecting directly to your home wifi network, just to see if this reconnection will work. Then attempt to reconnect back to the Chime Pro. If possible, try completing this process using another mobile device entirely, as this can rule out many variables. If the Chime Pro still will not allow reconnection to complete, perform a reset on the Chime Pro by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: