Why no app (launcher) shortcuts on Android? They're finally on iOS, but not Android.

I’ve been suggesting this for over a year now, and it seems that it’s finally possible on iOS to force touch the app icon and be able to jump directly to any camera, but Android seems to have been left out. Android has had app (launcher) shortcuts for years, which work the same to the user as iOS force touch (better actually, since you can drag them out into their own shortcut icons), which would be perfect to give easy access directly to cams.

It’s been added now on iOS, but still nothing for Android. There’s not even shortcuts or a widget, STILL. Nothing. The Android app is very frustrating since it takes much more effort to get directly to a camera feed, which by the time you do, the event may be passed and you have to then wait a few min for the video to finish processing before you can go back and review it (also frustrating and a problem with how the server handles video, but that’s not an app issue).

So, please, can we get the app (launcher) shortcuts for the Android app too? Thanks!

Here’s the guide on the Android Developers site if you want to pass this whole topic along to the development team:


@abqnm, thank you for the examples and included information regarding this request. I passed it through to the team here and they are taking a look into this. We appreciate the feedback as we always like to know what features mean most to our neighbors!

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Hi @abqnm ! This is some great feedback and we’d love to discuss this and more with you in detail. Would you give us more detail please? Thanks!


Great idea, most professional apps manage widets, and ring isn’t cheap, not the best integration there guys.


Hold down on backdrop

Add widget

Choose ring

Then it asks which camera

That choice is then on your backdrop for 1 press -> live feed

(using your faster app please, not sure why you have a fast app and a slow app lol)

It’s that simple, no need to “email and explain”, this functionality is YEARS old


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+1 it would be super useful, sometimes people in front of the house are already left in the time I open the app, choose the camera, press live view…

My suggestion: create the shortcut from the camera menu. Pressing the shortcut opens up live view

Oh snap, where do I find the fast app? Mine bloooooo … ooooo … oows

+3 on the shortcut or at least widgets. C’MON ALREADY