Why is this motion zone triggered? - ***PICTURES****

2020 Video Doorbell wired is sometimes picking up cars. My zone is in the middle of my yard. See pictures!!! Why does this happen? Do Motion zones NOT work - yes or no? Regardless of rest of settings, the motion zone should work? Motion sensitivity MAX. Smart alerts off. Advanced settings on. advanced motion detection on. motion frequency Frequently.

Did I create the zone properly? nothing in road is marked.

Most likely the sun reflecting off the cars is causing false detections. Does this occur on cloudy days as well? You could try pulling the motion zone back a bit, or creating two motion zones to cover the same area. Sometimes having multiple motion zones increases the accuracy.

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The sun is on the other side of that schoolbus (see tree shadow). So strange.

Any #Ring helpers online?

Hi there, @BobNoxiousUSA! When it comes to motion settings, having an efficient zone is a great step, however, exploring all motion settings through trial and error is the best method for optimal detection. As there are plants and trees in the view, it’s always a good step to consider environmental factors such as these moving or even abrupt change in lighting due to tree shadow.

Of course, there are settings to fine tune motion such as People Only mode and more. As @pdeethardt mentioned above, vehicles have reflective surfaces which can refract light in many directions due to the numerous dimensions (windows, paint, mirror, rims, etc). If you are noticing cars are the culprit, try testing this out by walking on the edge of your property where cars are picked up, to see if your motion detects you. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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@pdeethardt knows these products so I would definitely check on those tips. I might also add that you could try adding a privacy zone that will exclude areas you don’t want motion detection. But Marley is also right there is some experimentation involved between setting up zones and other sensitivity settings. Also note that these cameras (just like other motion based devices like security lights) are more sensitive to motion ACROSS the sensor as opposed to moving towards it. Note the cars in the road appear to be moving across your sensor and even though you have the detection zone already excluding it, it might not be enough. Try the tips from other replies here and also the privacy zone.

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i have made my zone smaller and it helps.

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