Why is GPS and address required

Why is the exact GPS location and my home address required in order to get the doorbell to link up to the app? I can’t see any reason this is required except for Ring to invade my privacy at home, and track me every where i go. I understand the whole posting thing to neighbors and alerts, my location would be needed to do that if I wanted to alert others nearby. But I can’t see any reason why I have to turn GPS on, on my phone, and allow the app to use it, for the doorbell to be connected to the app? I shouldn’t have to give out my GPS location unless I was using something like Google Maps or other GPS software. Again, should not be required.

Hi @RustyJones - thanks for your question :slight_smile: Ring uses an address to resolve timezone information for crtain product features (such as motion scheduling / light scheduling). Additionally, if you have the Ring Alarm, the phsyical adress is used to support features such as Professional Monitoring.

You’re in control and can choose not to share your GPS location or exact address. Feel free to go into the settings on your phone and disable what you do not wish to provide.

Removing the address is NOT a option in the Ring App. I checked your FAQ’s and the instructions on the website show that function in those instructions, but the actual app on my phone wont allow me to remove or change the address as that function doesnt exist.

Hi @RustyJones. Chiming in for Jennifer to help clear up any confusion! If you choose, you can change your address or delete your location. You are free to change the address to a local place nearby, but the system does need an address to associated the account to. You can manage this setting from the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > and tap on Change Address to make it something you’re comfortable with or tap on the red trash can to remove your location. Please note that removing your location will remove the devices attached to it.

So what you are saying is if I don’t have an exact location entered, I can’t use any Ring device as you want to know where it’s at? Again, I understand the whole neighbor thing, but not interested in that. Also, I tried changing the address, but the app kept trying to verify it existed against an actual address database. When I put in a fake address, it told me I had to enable GPS location services so the app can determine my exact location because the address I entered didn’t match your database of known addresses. At this point my question is answered, in that I can’t disable a address on Ring devices, and if i don’t want Ring to know where I am or my devices are, I need to find another product.