Why do I have to enter my location, email and phone number to make ring work?

Why do I have to enter my location, email and phone number to make ring work? I simply want to use this as a door bell with a camera that communicates with my phone.

You need an account to connect from the bell to the phone. That’s why you need the email address. You can just make one from Google and use it for that purpose only.
The location just needs the zip code to be correct so the time is also correct to your area.

Phone number is for contact if you have an alarm. But if you want to secure your device, you will need the phone number so you can receive the code by text to let you sign in.

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Yes, I understand that. But the application will not allow me to proceed without entry of my street address.

You can use a fake address if you want. 123 Main St. Just make sure you have the correct zip so the time is correct.

Yes, a fake address was one of the things I tried. But you need to enter a valid address, like for example, my neighbor’s, for it to register, and this would not be appropriate.

What I want is to be able to use my ring doorbells and its camera but NOT be part of the Neighborhood. I do not want to get all these emails about goings on in my neighborhood. I did not want to provide my address, but people in the forums told me that I would have to provide one consistent with my zip code, and to use a false, but not fictitious, address so that the system would recognize it. Any suggestions?

Find a vacant lot in your area and use that address!

I have a Ring Doorbell. The Ring software on your cellphone will allow you to view your Ring Camera. No need for a Ring Alarm system.
If you wish to have your recordings " recorded to see at a future time " , you’ll need to subscribe to the Ring Monitoring company… Each Ring camera comes with 30 days worth of recorded monitoring, if you dont subscribe , you wont be able to see videos from the past.
The reasoning behind needing your address / location is because Ring has a program called neighborhoods. People in your neighborhood register their Ring cameras as well. When something occurs in their neighborhood, they are able to upload their " incident" to the Neighborhood program, if this " incident" occurred in your area, you will be advised if indeed the incident occurred near you ( if you happen to subscribe to the Neighborhood program . The Neighborhood program costs nothing at all to participate in… Law Enforcement is in the process, with cooperation with Ring, to be able to monitor the outside cams, or review the " incident" uploads show a trend in a particular Neighborhood. They will be able to further Hone in on the incident by looking at other cameras in the area to possibly get a license plate, vehicle description, suspect description, etc.
I hope the answer wasnt to long and it was understandable as to why you need to post your location when signing up.

The email is for your account most importantly.
The neighborhood app will not show your camera to police without prior consent. The address is for your time zone mainly as well.

I want to unsubscribe from the neighborhood network, and am having some difficulty doing it.

I have an account, but deleted the ring ap by mistake.

So, just downloaded it and sign back in to your account.