Why did the app kick me out to Android Home screen instead of back to dashboard?

Okay, I been using this for a very long time and have no problem. I use a tablet as a monitor screen. So I have the screen always showing the Ring app at the dashboard giving me a view of LIVE snapshots. Here’s what happened. As soon as it detect motion, it jump and open LIVE view right away, no problem everything works fine. And if you leave the LIVE view alone, eventually it will go back to the dashboard view, which is WHAT I WANTED. Well, it is not doing that anymore. In fact, it kicks me out of the Ring app entirely and go back to Android home screen, not even the app’s screen. And I have to press the Ring app to get back into it again. Why? I never seen this behavior before…did the Ring team update something. I try everything to fix to no avail.

I done clearing the cach and data - still not working properly

I done uninstall and reinstall the app - Nope, still no go

My last resort, do a reset of the tablet - Nope, still no go.

My question is why? What did you guys do to cause the app to behave like this? I been using it for years and never seen the app kicking me out to the Android home screen from the Ring LIVE screen.

See error message attached.

First did you check the play store for the latest update. What version does it show on the dashboard?
How old is the tablet? Brand? Model?

Hi @reptilexcq! In addition to ensuring the tablet is update to it’s latest OS version, as well as the Ring app, please also ensure there is no VPN enabled on the tablet. Check also for any android apps that might conflict with the Ring app.

If the Ring app is open on screen and actively being used, a video notification should appear as long as you have the In-App Notifications setting toggled off in your Ring device settings. After a video completes, the screen should return to the Ring app page you were active on. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: