Why can’t you view all historic footage

Please can someone tell me why I can’t view ALL footage and instead you can only view events where the camera has picked up motion?
The whole point of a security camera is to have the ability to go back to a certain date and scroll through all the footage. If someone breaks in to my house and I have a ring doorbell I literally get to view a few seconds and that’s only if they set the camera off.
Am I missing something or is the ring doorbell really just that rubbish it doesn’t allow you to view the full footage from a full day?

Hi @user28580. To clarify, Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras do not record 24/7, and they are not intended to record continuously. Your Doorbell or Camera will record when motion is detected or when someone rings the Doorbell. If you have a Ring Protect Plan, you can also utilize the Snapshot Capture feature to have snapshot images taken at a specified time interval to get an idea of what’s happening at your home between actual motion or ring events. I hope this helps clear things up for you.