Why can’t I independently lower the chirp volume from the alarm volume?

I like using the door open chirp tones but at full volume it’s insanely annoying so I set half volume for the base station BUT with half volume I can’t hear the alarm when it goes off all the back by my bedroom.

Why can’t I set the volume just for the alarm and chirp tones independently?

Because the feature isn’t available is why.
Go here and see if someone has already posted your feature suggestion (Feature Request Board - Ring Community). If there is a post, vote on it, otherwise add your own.
When it garners enough votes, it might (big might) get the notice of Ring for a future update. Be aware Ring doesn’t pre-announce what features it is going to be releasing until the actual public announcement.


Final question, does the ring chime pro repeat the alarm tone if the alarm is tripped?

If so maybe I can buy one and set it up in my bedroom for now, if not that sucks.

Hi @user17600. I want to clarify that the volume slider under Audio Settings for the Base Station does not impact the Base Station’s siren. When alarming, the siren will sound at full volume, regardless of the volume level you’ve selected for the chirp tones. Additionally, the Chime Pro does not sound alerts from the Ring Alarm system, only from Ring Doorbells or Cameras. If you have a compatible Amazon Echo device, you can have the Ring Alarm sounds played through the Echo, which may help to extend the the alarm sounds throughout your home.