Why can my ex still get notifications from my account?

My ex is getting notifications from my doorbell despite me having removed her from my users list. Why is this?

Hi @sention. Once you remove a Shared User from all of the devices on your account, they should no longer be receiving any notifications. If you open the Ring App > Main Menu > Settings > Users, does anyone still appear under Shared Users? If you have multiple Ring devices, you may need to ensure that access for all of the devices has been removed for this user.

No other users are there, it’s just me. And I have just the doorbell, so there aren’t mulitple devices.

I know that she has access because she texted me today saying she got a notification from the doorbell.

@sention It sounds like you both may have been signed into the same Ring account, which is why she’s still receiving notifications. I’d recommend resetting your password, which will sign out any devices still signed into the Ring App. This will ensure it’s just you signed into your account and should clear up and unwanted notification concerns.