Why can Contact Sensors NOT withstand a lower temperature than 32 Degrees F ?

An “Indoor” Camera can withstand a temperature down to -5 degrees F.

Why is it that a Contact Sensor can only withstand a temperature down to 32 degrees F ?

Seems like a Contact Sensor should be able to withstand harsher temperature conditions than an “Indoor” Camera.

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In my opinion it’s because a contact sensor is more mechanical in function and therefore when exposed to excess humidity and freezing temps this can cause the metal contact to stick/freeze together thus making the alarm not trip.

THANKS for your opinion.

I would really like to hear the “official” Ring reason.

It may very well be what you said.

I would like to put some sensors “inside” an UNheated “outside” building - where it could get below 32 degrees F.

Don’t want to put them there if the cold could keep them from functioning properly.

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