Why can Amazon (ring) not tell the time

Since winter time started , schedules set are shift an our as well.
Why does it not stick with the schedule set.

Amazon is one of the biggest companies, you can do better!!!

Hi @Remco74. Can you share more information on what concern you’re experiencing? When you’re referring to a schedule, which schedule is this? Is this a Motion Schedule or a Light Schedule that you’re having concerns with?

The light schedule. This was
Scheduled to be off until midnight, but since winter-time it start lightning at 23:00

@Remco74 Thanks for that information. Sounds like this is attributed to daylight savings time if you’re in an area that utilizes daylight savings time. Is the time correct in the Event History of your Ring App, or is this also one hour off?

Yes time is correct, ring device do not understand!!!

@Remco74 Try removing the Light Schedule and setting it back up again. If the time on your phone and in the Event History is correct, this should carry over to the Light Schedule as well, so removing it and setting it up again should fix any lingering issues with the schedule. Let me know if that helps at all. :slight_smile: