Why am I being prompted for latest version of app when that's the only one available?

I’m stuck trying to proceed with my Ring iphone app. I download the latest app (updated 2 weeks ago) and then get an error message: “Before you set up your new Ring device, update the Ring app.” But it’s the only one available! And I thus can’t proceed.

If you are using an Android, try clearing the app’s cache or storage.

Thanks for responding. As noted, I’m on an iphone.

Hi @dlewis_huntington.org. What version of the Ring app do you have installed and which model iPhone/IOS? If possible, can you share a screenshot of the error you are getting? I’ll be sure to share this information with my team here to see what we can find out. In the meantime, try uninstalling the Ring app, rebooting your phone, then reinstalling it.