White circle of DOOM! (Spinning white circle - can't connect to network Ring-xxxxx)

Have a Ring Pro. Bought the licensed wired adapter and installed it. Had numerous issues with first unit - eventual best advise was to return it and get another, so I did. (Sorry Best Buy!) Second one worked perfectly fine for 3-4 months with the same licensed wired adapter. Out of the blue, we noticed one day we weren’t getting notifications and no doorbell ring, and saw it was offline. Have reset it probably a dozen times trying the in-app instructions to reconnect. Have unplugged the power supply overnight and restarted. Have uninstalled and re-installed the app. Still continue to get to the point in the Setup device where after taking a picture of the QR code on the Ring it goes to the Connect to network Ring-xxxxx - and we press JOIN. A few seconds later “Unable to connect to Ring-xxxx” Have done this at least a dozen times. My wife has tried twice as well. Very disturbed to see this is a frequent issue on the site and there has yet to be a single dedicated resolution. Am I back to buying a new one at Best Buy again and returning this defective one?

I was there yesterday. I had to remove the device from my location. And add a new device. I also did a long 20-30 second press of the orange button. You want to hear the device say ‘welcome to ring’ rather than ‘ring is in setup mode’. In the former the software will automatically connect to the ring ssid. In the later you are asked to connect manually. That never worked for me (and I tried many times).

No big deal for me since I am using most of the default options anyway.