which doorbell *HELP PLEASE*

I want to get a ring doorbell for my daughter. Her doorbell does not face the street, so i ubderstand it will only capture whoever comes directly to the door (right??).

Base model Standard is 2.4 Ghz…what does “5 GHz Wifi” do?? I see that is available on more expensicve models.

Anything else i need to know? I assume we will hardwire toher doorbell. I could see buying more expensive version if it was going to capture activity up or down the street…but it won’t. please give me your best advice. thanks!

Hi @maimai3. The main difference between 2.4 and 5.0 wifi will be its power that it has over distance. 2.4 Ghz is great for long distances, such as from one end of the house to the other. 5.0 Ghz is great for shorter distances, like a small apartment or 15 ft or less. The main difference in our Doorbells is going to be the extra features, such as a internal battery, removable battery, peephole compatible, hardwire only, or Power Over Ethernet. They all record in 1080 HD and have 2 way audio. I hope this information helps!

To perhaps enhance on Tom’s answer. 2.4 band is better when there are obstructions. I tried the ring 3 principally for the 5 ghz feature and - for me - it failed miserably.