Which cams allow custom motion zones?

Is there a listing of which cameras support the custom motion zones?

I have seen video reviews where they say new Spotlight and Stickup do not have this, and it doesn’t matter if it’s battery or wired.

I have 3 cams in my house that do have this ability:
Indoor Camera (wired obviously)
Video Doorbell 3 (battery)
Video Doorbell 3+ (battery)

So is it true that you cannot click and drag custom motion zones on others?

Hi @Curzon_Dax. Newly released devices, such as the newest Spotlight Cams or Stick Up Cams, will have the customizable motion zones. A few years back, we had a feature update to bring customizable motion zones to battery devices, where it was previously not available. You can find more information on that feature update here, including which battery devices were included in that feature update.