Where to mount my outdoor cam if i have spot lights.

Should i mount my Stick Up Cam, behind or in front of my current spot lights?

Hey @HBR4270. Could you take a picture and show us how you have these spotlights set up? This will help give you the perfect recommendation! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, I have attached two photos. One view is to sho you the view i am trying to capture (looking towards the house). The second is trying to show where the lights are mounted (with a light on each side of the downspout).

My thinking is that i should mount the camera somewhat behind the lights.

Note during the night they are on low, then kick to high when they detect a motion.

Thank you again and may you and yours be safe,


@HBR4270 Thank you so much for the pictures! Since the lights are pointed somewhat downward and have a very dim light that is on throughout the day, you will want your camera not facing toward these lights, but in the direction away, with the lights. The major reason is you don’t want the lights to hit the PIR sensors in the camera and set it off to record motion if the lights are shining in the camera, which could also distort the image.

We’ll for sure have to play around with the install location, but I think an install on the “outside” area, like shown in the screenshot, may be ideal! I also included the second screenshot with another installation option and the same as the first picture, to detail the different areas it could go! Let me know what you decide on and how it works. :slight_smile:

Thank you. The locations on the second image, was were i was thinking.

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