Where to Find Your Ring Device’s MAC Address

You may need to find your Ring Device’s MAC address, which is the network location of your device. You will need this if you’re prioritizing your device to a specific IP address in your Wi-Fi router for a stronger connection or troubleshooting with Ring Community Support. Below are the 3 places you can find it:

  1. In the Ring application - follow these steps
  2. Open Ring app > Tap the menu in top left corner > Tap “Devices” > Select desired Ring device > Tap “Device Health” > Look at “device details” section
    1. Note: This is not applicable for Alarm device. Only Cams and Doorbells.
  3. On the Ring device:
  4. Doorbells - Look on the back of the device
  5. Security Cams - Look near the power cord, near mounting connection, on the back.
  6. Alarm - Look at the Base Station, it is located underneath it.
  7. Chime Pro - Look at the underside of the Chime Pro.
  8. On the box : usually near the barcode or the bottom side of the box.