Where is the adjusting motion range function in Ring App?

I have Ring doorbell 3, the Ring App had the function to manually adjust the motion range before, but since last week, this function disappeared in the Ring App. It only has the function to modify the motion zone now, but it is not enough. Is there any place to let the development team know about this? I want that function back! Thanks.

Hi @dnaxy! We are always working to improve and add to our devices and features. The model of Doorbell you have features adjustable zones and sensitivity settings. It also has a motion frequency feature to further fine tune detection. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback I will certainly share this experience with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes, please let the Program Managers / Developers know, the motion range adjustment feature is very useful, pls add that back if possible. The current features(adjustable zones, sensitivity settings, and motion frequency) are not as useful as the motion range adjustment.

The adjustable zone is only having ON/OFF function, I want to keep the specific zone ON, but not as wide as the default setting. With the old motion range adjustment feature, I could easily control how far away (or how close) I want the zone to be.

I decreased the sensitivity, and motion frequency now (barely to the minimum setting), but I still have lots of un-wanted alerts, because I couldn’t adjust the range.


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Why was this feature removed? It basically renders the device useless I’m constantly getting false notifications from long distances. It’s impossible to set up properly without a visual heads up on the range of detection! Thanks