Where is my camera

Talked to customer service over a month ago saying the flood light camera I bought was not working at all. Called twice and on both calls was made to go through the same trouble shooting bs I had done myself multiple times before I called to make sure it was in fact faulty finally on the second call they said they were sending me a new unit. I have not received the new unit or phone calls or emails regarding it at all. Customer service is horrible as far as I can tell so far. I spent good money on something that is no more than a paper weight at the moment. I need someone in customer service to fix this ASAP

I was also disappointed in general with the phone support, and did not receive promised call backs or emails. That’s why I started coming here for help, and also trying to help out others where I can.

How long has it been since the new ones were promised? I see you posted this just yesterday so hang tight and one of the moderators should weigh in. They are very good about stepping in and helping out.

Hi @MHallman85. If you have not received any type of confirmation about this replacement, try checking your junk/spam folders in your email, as their email may have been filtered out. I suggest following up with support to make sure they have all the correct information. Since you’ve spoken to support numerous times, I would request speaking to our level 2 support right away. Feel free to let us know how they were able to help.