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Posted 12/20/2021

About a month and a half ago I posted about the cold weather issues with Ring door bells. And Now there gone.

29 degrees here yesterday and today… Ring quite working, I ask one more time before I throw it away. Have you come up with a solution to the cold weather?

I bought the ring for one reason, I receive Meals on wheels and If I do not hear them at my door they do not leave my MEALS.

But it does not work in cold weather I’m told. Why did I not see the issues with the cold and the outdoor ringer? and its hardwired that will not charge in 29 degree weather.

It would seem to me that you have sold these units to all areas of the US and other Country’s and those of that live in a 4 season area are just to improve sales. If it will not work year in and year out
there should have been a notice when we bought it from ring.

So what your tell US and that means everyone that is in cold weather regions and have hardwired units we have to bring them inside to warm and recharge ring.

Fraud is what its called when someone sells a tool that should be able to work 24/7 year round.
and so much for security issues when its not working in the cold!

Thanks A Lot

Maybe you can’t find them because you used a different account previously? With this one, this post is the only one your created ( Profile - ontherun - Ring Community)
You have replied to other posts, maybe that’s where your post ended up.

Hi @ontherun. It’s possible that you may have commented on a thread and not created it. As @SolarEclipse has shared, you can find this information on your user profile. Additionally, this Help Center article here has more information about cold weather and Ring Devices. Another factor could be your devices RSSI. This information can be found in the Ring app under the Device Health menu. A low RSSI can affect how your Doorbell records. I hope this information is helpful.