where are downloaded ring snapshots stored on iPhone and Mac.

I’m new to Ring - I have a ring doorbell 2 and a stick up cam installed. I see videos, get alerts, etc. I can see snapshots in my timeline but when I download a snapshot on my iphone, I am unable to find where the snapshot is stored?

On my Mac, I don’t see any option to download snapshots, just videos.

Thanks. I apologize if this has been previously answered but I can’t find it if so. Neither does a website produce anything.

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Great question @mdgarnett! To download a Snapshot follow these instructions:

  • Open your Ring App.
  • Tap the device whose snapshots you wish to download.
  • Review the Timeline
  • Place the playhead on top of the section you want deleted
  • Tap Share.
  • Tap Confirm.

**Also, check out our help center article about Snapshots to learn more about sharing, reviewing, and using Snapshots. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: **

Unfortunately, the answer does not address the question. I also want to download a video from my ring. I hit share and then the download arrow and the file says it is downloading and then that download window disappears and there is no hint given as to where on my iphone I should look to find the file I just downloaded. I have checked the files app and there is nothing there. Where else on an iphone would the Ring App put a downloaded file? I don’t know where or how to access it now that it is downloaded.


It should be in your Photos app, under Videos.


And there they are!!! Who knew?? I googled that question and looked everywhere. Such a simple answer and Ring doesn’t mention it in their FAQs or help pages. Thank you very much.


You are welcome. Amazing what other things you discover when trying to resolve an issue… LOL


Dear Ring,

I had exactly the same problem as this user. I was very disappointed with the information available on the Ring website and with your response in this forum. It’s such a simple answer (provided by another user), but there’s no way for your users to know that. I would like to see an effort to update your document about downloading Ring videos to include where to find them on your device.

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Glad you found your answer @BWELCH! It’s great to see our neighbors working together in the Community. @Boricua3205 Thank you for answering!

We always value our neighbors’ feedback and have forwarded this to the necessary teams for consideration. :slight_smile: