When will you stop leaking our data?


There have been numerous articles about our Ring devices and apps leaking our private data to the following five companies:

  • Facebook, via its Graph API - each user’s time zone, device model and screen resolution and a unique identifier

  • Branch, which describes itself as a deep-linking platform - a number of unique identifiers, as well as each user’s IP address, device model and screen resolution

  • AppsFlyer, a big data company - a range of information, including sensor data related to the magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer on users’ phones

  • MixPanel - the most information, including users’ full names, email addresses, device information and app settings

  • Google-owned Crashalytics - an amount of customer data “yet to be determined”

When are you going to fix this?!?


Hi @JGriff ,

First and foremost, we want to remind you that at Ring, privacy is foundational - and guides every decision we make.

Like many companies, Ring uses third-party service providers to understand the use of our mobile app, which helps us improve features, optimize your customer experience, and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing. We care deeply about providing our neighbors with the best possible experience and leverage these tools to help us do so.

We want to ensure you that these service providers’ use of the data provided is contractually limited to appropriate purposes, such as performing these services on our behalf, and not for other purposes. Ring is not in the business of selling customer information.For more information, please reference our Privacy Notice on Ring.com/privacy.

Thank you,


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Thank you for thinking of my personal experience. How do I opt-out of being tracked?


Seriously? There is no 3rd party that can enhance my use of the Ring doorbell. Certainly not Facebook, or any Flyer Ads company, or any other. Allowing 3rd parties access to my use of a bloody doorbell is NOT privacy. What can a 3rd party possibly do ‘on your behalf’? As the original poster said, how do we opt out?


After browsing around and sifting through the Privacy Policy, I’ve found this page:


A few links are posted with ‘opt-out’ options, but I can’t figure out how to opt out. Looks like outdated information.

It seems to me that Ring should provide users with an option to opt out BEFORE third parties are thrown into the mix. Especially because Ring (as a company) is advertising with privacy and stuff. Companies like Google and Facebook are well-known privacy-rapists. So when you (Ring) claim to be a privacy-centered company, you shouldn’t throw your user’s data at those companies - especially not in this manner.

If Ring doesn’t resolve this within a few months, I’m out of here. And with me a lot of privacy-concerned others as well, I can imagine.


This is issue is turning me away from purchasing internal Ring security cameras


This is not an anwer, it’s corporate bs. Ring has been caught in the act of violating its security system customers’ privacy. My present contract runs out at the end of march, and I’m gone unless I see changes and a clear apology. As it is, I no longer have smartphone access to my Ring system because I cannot trust it.


I got the ring floodlight camera to make my home more secure I did not realize that Ring was sending out my information to Google or Facebook. There should be an opt-out option. I was about to get the ring doorbell now I’m thinking about changing companies all together.