When the alarm is arming and sensors are in the open position it still arms without notifying me

In the evening when the alarm arms with home mode, I have to check the app to see if any of my sensors are in the open position. E.g I have sensors on my wife’s office windows and in the hot weather she opens the windows but often forgets to close them when leaving her office. In the evening when the alarm arms it does this quite happily and tells me that it is armed, but with no reference to the windows that are open. This is only visible in the app.

What would be nice is to have the alarm tell me when arming that there are sensors that are not closed and which ones so that I can go and deal with this.

Hi @terry31. When manually arming the Ring Alarm system with a Contact Sensor that is open, you will be asked to bypass the open Sensor. Are you arming your system via the Mode Schedules feature, or are you manually arming the system via the Ring app or your Keypad?