When I'm at work, Ring will not show me live view when I get an alert

When I’m at work, Ring will not show me live view when I get an alert that someone is at my door. Ring alert or Motion Detected. Why is this? I have to wait a few minutes, then look at my previous motion detection videos.

You have the same issue as myself and co-workers. Our WiFi blocks video and certain web sites. In order to get around this we use a VPN. It routes the request to a site that isn’t blocked by our WiFi system.

Ok thanks. How do I do that?

Ok thanks, how do I set up a vpn?

You should Google VPN. It will explain it and most VPNs do offer free trials too. I just run my VPN app I use Nord VPN myself. There are plenty of others too.

Hello, I am having the same issue and it has nothing to do with a VPN.

Months ago someone could ring and I could see them right away now when I get an aert someone is at my door I press connectg and it spins “Activating Device” then times out and displays “Live view ended” I feel this defeats the purpose of the doorbell if I cant see whos at my door right away and have to wait 1-2 minutes.

Are you at work and using their wifi? If so, how do you know that you don’t need to use a VPN?

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