What Ring do I need?

I am disabled and am thinking about getting a Ring video doorbell so I can speak to people and ask them to come in (if required).

I have CCTV on the drive so I can see who is at the front door so don’t need motion detection.

What I want is,

  • a video doorbell that I can use with an Alexa Show
  • an option (that can be turned off or on) to get a notification on my mobile if someone rings the doorbell and I am in the garden or not at home.

I don’t need, as I have CCTV,

  • motion sensors
  • recordings

My question is, what Ring is the best for me? I want a latest version so it will be current for a while.



If you have CCTV and don’t need a doorbell with video but only audio I would imagine there’s options out there that would be a better fit. The Ring doorbells, in my own opinion, would seem to have many features that you find unnecessary and would be a waste of money.
i can’t speak to a brand but I would imagine an internet search could turn up many audio only doorbells.

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Thanks for the reply.

I am still thinking about a video doorbell, as the CCTV shows someone is at the door (side view about 20ft away), but with a video doorbell the visitor can hold their ID (if appropriate) towards the doorbell. Also, if in the garden or not at home, I will able to see and hear/speak to the visitor using 1 app.