What products sound if smoke is detected?

I have quite a few First Alert model # zcombo units in my home (Ring Alarm Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alerts | First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm | Ring)

If one detects smoke, what exactly alarms/sounds?

  1. Zcombo Alarm itself? I am assuming yes.
  2. Other zcombo alarms? It seems no, they are not interconnected.
  3. Base station?
  4. Keypads?
  5. Wireless Chimes ?
  6. Dome siren (Dome Siren (for Works with Ring Alarm Security System) | Ring)?
  7. Cameras/any other Ring devices?

Is there any way to test without causing a smoke situation? I am curious how often the zcombo connects to the Ring system and how I can know if one is out of range / not connecting, especially because they are not interconnected.

Thank you.

Hi @user32431. This Help Center article here has a bit more information about the Smoke/CO alarm. In addition to the Base Station and Keypad sounding, you can also enable select Amazon Alexa devices to play as well.

The Ring Alarm sends out a heartbeat check to all accessories connected to the Base Station every 90 minutes. This communication will also update the signal strength. If something has a low signal, it will let you know via the Ring app. You may need to move a Range Extender around to establish a strong connection. I hope this information is helpful.