What options exist for having video doorbell always plugged in?

As I understand it I’ll have to take down my doorbell about once a month to charge it for a few hours.

How can I prevent this, e.g. by having it be constantly plugged in?

The micro USB connector on the back doesn’t seem to be very accessible when the doorbell is connected to the back plate.

Is there any way to use the back plate to provide power to the doorbell?

Or what exactly electrically is needed to use the wired “chime” screws mentioned in the manual?

Great questions, @Thomas1! We’ve got a few solutions for providing an additional charge to your battery powered Video Doorbell. The most common solution is using existing wiring to provide a trickle charge to your Video Doorbell battery, via the terminals on the back of the Doorbell. Most existing chime kits and doorbell wiring will use an 8v to 24v AC power supply. Confirming this information is important to ensure it will work as intended. If there are not existing wires, installing a power supply rated for at least 8v to 24v of AC power and running wires will also work. Check out our help center article for instructions on installation and using a resistor (if a chime kit does not exist here).

Feel free to also check out this Community thread about using a Plug-in Adapter for a power/ charging solution.

Another option for charging your Video Doorbell battery is the Solar Charger found on our accessories page at Ring.com. If your mounting location get’s several hours of direct sunlight per day, it is perfect for a Solar Charger. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: