What is the dimension requirement of junction box for a Ring Elite Doorbell to be installed on?

Dear Sir/Madam,

My home is undergoing major renovation, so I have the chance to install a new junction box for Ring Elite door bell. Please help me to buy a correct junction box by sharing the following information with me.

  1. the dimension of the junction box for ring elite to be installed on?
  2. the distance between the two bolt holes on the Ring Elite?
  3. The size of bolts used to fix Ring Elite on the junction box.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @rogchan. The dimensions of the Ring Video Doorbell Elite are 4.80 in. x 2.75 in. x 2.17 in. (11.94cm x 6.98cm x 5.51cm). Additionally, the Doorbell Elite comes with the following in its packaging:

  • Video Doorbell Elite
  • Low-Voltage Bracket
  • 50-ft. (9.14-m.) & 3-ft (1-m) Ethernet Cable
  • PoE Adapter
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual

It should include everything you need to mount it to a standard junction box, and hopefully those dimensions found on the product page help. :slight_smile:

Dear Caitlyn_Ring,

Thanks very much for your help. I live in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s standard junction box is different from those standard US junction boxes. I am certain that Ring Elite does not fit HK standard junction box (UK type, screws distance 60mm). I can buy a standard US junction box to install the ring elite on it, but don’t know which one to buy.

I searched the internet and found that standard US junction boxes come in several sizes. In any case, for the two screws that fix Ring elite main body to the wall, as long as I know the distance between them, I will be able to buy the right junction box. I only have one chance to install the junction box. Once it is installed, it is too troublesome to replace it.

Can someone own a Ring Elite measure the distance between the screw and share the measurement with me?

This should be simple information, but it is so difficult to find…

@rogchan The Ring Elite isn’t currently available for purchase in Hong Kong, so you’re welcome to try and install it but we can’t guarantee that it will work properly as it isn’t designed for the wiring in your region. You can check what regions Ring devices are currently available in on our website here. I would advise waiting until Ring devices are available in your region to purchase and install them to ensure you don’t run into any issues with installation or performance.